The Healing Species Puget Sound offers the Healing Species, a comprehensive, 11-week, 11-lesson Violence Intervention/Character Education program. The program "intercepts" the mentality of crime, victimization, frustration, anger, and sense of violation found in many childhood lives today. These are the attitudes that so often cause disruptive behavior and lack of concentration in the classroom. Our program intercepts old negative ways of relating and delivers to students a new way of experiencing the world around them.

The Healing Species lessons are about healing through learning to nurture and love, even if you have never been nurtured or loved. Through this healing, our children will be more able to learn, to concentrate, to focus, to turn away from violent patterns of relating, to gain self-esteem, and to embrace the attitudes necessary to succeed.

We will take students through a practical approach to gaining essential life skills and character traits such as responsibility, compassion, empathy, follow-through mentality, integrity (when "no one else is looking"), visions for success, planning, cooperative effort, and seeing situations through the eyes of others.

As a result of the Healing Species' work, thousands of children have been taught the life-altering message of compassion, empathy, and responsibility. Most impressively, teachers and guidance counselors who have experienced the Healing Species report an 80-100% improvement in students' ability to walk away from fights, concentrate in class, offer kindness instead of bullying, learn appropriate ways of reacting to a bully, and take responsibility to help others. Additionally, standardized test scores and grade point averages have risen among Healing Species students.

The Healing Species can be implemented in elementary and middle schools, treatment facilities, and youth organizations in the Puget Sound area.

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