Carolin Behrend is the program director of the Healing Species Puget Sound. Carolin has been a secondary school teacher for more than ten years in the US and in Germany, and served as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher in the Bellevue School District in 1998/99. She holds a Washington State teaching certificate with multiple endorsements.

In 2005 Carolin earned a Master's of Education with a focus on Humane Education. The degree program is an affiliation between Cambridge College and the International Institute for Humane Education (IIHE). This newly created master's program is unique in its goal to prepare educators to teach children

"how we might live with compassion and respect for everyone: not just for our friends, neighbors, and classmates, but for all people; not just for our own dogs and cats, but for all animals; not just for our school and home environments, but also for the Earth itself, our ultimate home."

(Zoe Weil, President, International Institute for Humane Education)

Carolin's dedication to the field of violence prevention has a very personal background, and is driven by the tragic death of a very close family member who was murdered in 1995:

"Due to the tragedy that happened to my family I know first hand about the life-shattering effects of violence. While there was nothing I could do to prevent this tragedy then, I know that through the Healing Species program I can help children now to heal their hearts thereby preventing future acts of violence. This means a lot to me, and I know that reaching as many children as possible with our message of compassion and respect for others is the most loving thing I can do for my own family and other victims of violence."

As a volunteer and staff member of various animal welfare organizations Carolin was able to gain extensive experience with rescued animals. She has also completed an animal-assisted therapy dog class as well as Delta Society's pet partner training with her rescue dogs.

Carolin has received extensive training in the Healing Species program and is currently teaching the program at several area schools.

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