Those who really bring the Healing Species lessons to life are the rescued dogs who act as "helpers and teachers" in every lesson. Each class begins with the dog's story of abuse and neglect, a situation to which the children can often relate. Through the dog's story, the children find a happy ending, hope, and courage for their own stories. The dog is a living example of overcoming one's past, and returning nonviolent responses. Lastly, the dogs provide an incredibly strong "visual aid" to the Healing Species lessons, thus making it possible for even struggling students to remember lessons almost verbatim.

What better way to reach "shut-down" children than through the wagging tail and unconditional love of dogs nobody else wanted? The children learn first hand that even the most vulnerable and most wounded among us is important and does have something important to give.

The dogs have been trained as therapy dogs and together with the instructors they are registered as Pet Partners by the Delta Society.

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