Research Based Results

Healing Species is not only an innovative and cutting-edge method of addressing violence prevention and truancy prevention, but Healing Species also has proven results by outside, professional, researchers regarding the highly-structured curriculum.

  1. Formal, district wide "in-house" evaluation by Lexington School District One: The district based their evaluation on a complex pre- and post-test of each student and on teacher written-reports of observable behavior changes in students after the 11-week Healing Species program. This formal evaluation, headed by Dr. Donna Shealy, Head of Guidance for Lexington One, was conducted to determine if Healing Species should be brought back. Based on their evaluation, Lexington One signed a $42,000.00 contract to bring Healing Species back to every elementary school in that district.

  2. Formal study by the University of South Carolina School of Social Work: Data was collected from schools in several districts in South Carolina public schools. The participants were representative of low, middle, and high socioeconomic status (SES) levels. Overall USC Social Work Evaluation results state, "the program positively and significantly alters students' beliefs about aggression, levels of empathy, and violent and aggressive behaviors."

Statistical Results Across All SES Levels:

  • Out-of-School suspensions for violent behavior decreased by more than 50%

Aggression decreased significantly

  • Choice-making based on empathy for others increased significantly
  • Classroom behavior significantly improved

Results Using the Normative Beliefs About Aggression Scale (NOBAGS):

  • Retaliation aggression, general aggression, and total aggression combined decreased by 62%

Results Using the Index of Empathy for Children and Adolescents (IECA):

  • Choice making using empathy increased by 42%

Results Using the Aggressive Behavior Teacher Checklist (ABTC):

  • Teachers rated displays of violence by students decreased by 66.9%

Results by Review of Out-Of-School Suspensions for Physical Fights:

  • Suspensions decreased by over 55%

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